Use Cases

A selected few use cases on how Radiator can be used - check out more from our blog

Preventing Bill Shock

Unexpected bill shock - a huge bill accumulated from roaming - can be a nasty surprise for your customers. It is also one that can be avoided, bot in domestic and in global use. One of the most known use cases is based on EU roaming regulations.

With Radiator, operator can keep track on the data used by the customer. To do so, Radiator interacts with the billing system where the data plans and client information is stored.

Customer's SIM is used to lookup information about the customer’s current quota usage, data plan, phone number for SMS alerts and possible other information, such as custom limit for data usage. One data plan is typically used for most of the customers, another for enterprise customers and another for customers of a virtual operator.

The client’s updated quota is then stored in the database. When the quota limit is reached, an automated SMS message is sent to the customer. After each month, the data quota is reset in the database and the usage monitoring will start from the beginning.

Your customers are happy when their roaming quota is monitored reliably, and operator does not have to allocate any resources to this task.

See our blog for the details

SIM Authentication and Charging with Radiator

In many cases operators have a need to expand their mobile data coverage with wifi. One main requirements is that one authentication method is used for both Wifi- and LTE-networks . Also, both mobile and laptop users need to have common charging and policy method.

Our solution behind this are EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA - standards for authenticating wireless LAN access with SIM cards and the existing worldwide 3G/LTE mobile network. Support for these EAP methods is now included in a number of smart phones, tablets and other devices. In addition to this, the laptop users can use any other authentication methods.

In order to provide additional requirement, how to provide a prepaid data plan for their clients, this we used another Radiator server with charging and policy functionality.

For our customers, we have created a solution in which Wifi- and LTE-networks can be authenticated with single SIM. The Wifi- and LTE-networks use the same data plan. Our expert team is happy to help you in this kind of configuration and integration projects.

Deploying VoWiFi with Radiator

Since Wi-Fi calling (VoWiFi) has been introduced into the market, operators have been increasing their indoor coverage to provide better voice coverage to their subscribers and offer new voice models (both domestic and roaming). With the new generation devices and automatic SIM authentication, end-users will not have to consider if they are connected to a LTE- or a WiFi network.

In addition to better indoor coverage, VoWiFi brings also other benefits to operators. These benefits include getting back the revenues and control of the calls from the OTT players. WiFi is also a low-cost solution to enhance voice service coverage and at the same time offload traffic from the core network.

Radiator products provide the essential components for the VoWifi authentication. For our customers, VoWiFi authentication is done with our Radiator SIM Pack that includes 3GPP AAA Server - providing all the interfaces for 3GPP and non-3GPP authentication. When combined with Radiator Telco Pack Diameter support for policy control and authentication, your network will be ready for Wifi calling. Radiator integrates with all your evolved packet core and WiFi network elements via 3GPP interfaces.

See our blog for the details