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Open System Consultants provides installation, configuration, customisation, advice and training for Radiator and other OSC products. Our highly skilled consultants can provide these services either remotely or on-site.

For more details and an estimate, send your requirements to info@open.com.au.


OSC Training consultants can provide on-site customised training course for customers. Our Training consultants have extensive training experience in RADIUS and previous networking training for large international companies.

Our basic course is normally 3 days, with 6- 8 participants of similar level of systems adminstration and RADIUS understanding. This course can be modified to meet any specific need of customers.

For a quotation or estimate please contact info@open.com.au

Product Maintenance and Development

Our development team is continuously improving and enhancing our software based on user community feedback and industry developments and trends. A complete revision history for each product can be found in the "Documentation" section on each software product.

Custom Development

If you need something added or changed in any of our our software products we can do it for you. For example, one customer needed extensions to Radiator Radius server to support their specific authentication requirements. Our software engineers can provide custom software design and development - to meet the needs of your specific business requirements.

Custom development is costed on a time and materials basis. We are happy to provide an estimate on submission of a detailed specification. For more information email info@open.com.au