About OSC

Award-winning Open System Consultants was established in 1992 and has offices in Gold Coast and Melbourne, Australia and Finland, Europe. We have received export and business excellence awards and achieved global recognition for quality products and rapid customer response. We offer a suite of source code software for secure network access and management. Our software is used by internet and access service providers (ISPs and ASPs), national telecommunications carriers, academic institutions and corporations in 180 countries around the world.

Our products are vendor neutral, providing extreme extensibility, flexibility and portability across all standard operating systems and inter-operating with a wide range of hardware devices and software applications. As such, they are configurable to suit any network situation from very straight-forward or simple to highly complex requirements.

All our products are developed, maintained and supported by technical experts who are at the leading edge of this dynamic industry sector. Chief Technologist, Mike McCauley is a respected member of a number of international forums developing new protocols and standards for the internet community.

OSC's flagship product, Radiator RADIUS Server is reliable, extensible, flexible, configurable and portable across any platform and provides authentication for dial-up networks, 801.1X wireless networks and wireless LANS. It has been described as the "Swiss Army knife of RADIUS Servers".

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