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Radiator VNF - a true NFV solution

Our customers say that Radiator is the Swiss army knife of AAA servers. Now Radiator is available as the first true implementation of the AAA virtualised network function – Radiator VNF.


Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) is a service architecture concept. It uses IT virtualisation technologies to virtualise entire classes of network node functions into building blocks that may be connected to create communication services. Utilising NFV decreases costs because it runs on virtual machines in data centres using generic hardware. Another key benefit of NFV is that it enables rapid service development and deployment with the ease and efficient scalability of cloud services.

Radiator VNF solution - an overview

NFV is a natural environment to deploy Radiator products. Radiator – the Swiss Army knife of AAA servers – a highly flexible component is now available as a VNF solution.

Radiator VNF is:

A word about Radiator NFV architecture - what true NFV means

In true Radiator NFV solutions the VNF manager does the scaling and configuration of virtual servers automatically. For example, in our vAAA solution the VNF manager monitors the RADIUS and Diameter traffic distributed by load balancers. When the workload on the existing AAA workers reaches the configured threshold, the VNF manager launches new AAA workers automatically. All the new workers in the cloud are configured automatically by the centralised configuration management service. Configuration management uses metadata services to automatically create the configuration suitable for the current cloud setup. The VNF manager component is also responsible for collecting statistics.

For more info about true NFV, see our blog post.

Radiator VNF architecture overview

Radiator NFV products

Radiator AAA Core VNF
Radiator AAA software, includes our new Radiator VNF manager
Radiator VoWiFi VNF
Radiator VNF solution for your VoWiFi authentication needs. Including all the functionality developed to Radiator SIM Support
Radiator Service Provider WiFi VNF
Radiator VNF solution for your SPWiFi AAA and policy and charging needs. Includes also Radiator SIM Support.
Radiator PCRF VNF
Radiator VNF solution for your policy and charging needs
Radiator OCS VNF
Radiator VNF solution for your online charging needs
Radiator Custom/OEM VNF
Contact our sales team to discuss more about your VNF needs

A crane loading Radiator VNF depecited as lego blocks

Deployment and pricing

When taking the next step with your network, embracing the future with a VNF solution, you need a solid partner. We are happy to help with your integration project by ourselves and with our worldwide partner network.

Radiator pricing makes sure that you will get the most value from our products in a cost-effective way. We have developed pricing models where you pay only by the TPS (transactions per second) count that your services generates. This ensures that your services can be scaled both upwards and downwards cost-efficiently - and you gain all the promised benefits of NFV solution.

Please contact our team at info@open.com.au. We can help you with the best possible solution and pricing model for your project.