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Highly configurable on any platform - OSC's Radiator is known globally as 'The Swiss Army knife of AAA Servers for RADIUS, Diameter and TACACS+'.

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Radiator continues to win for us here!

Jethro Binks, Network Manager, Information Services Directorate, University Of Strathclyde

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Radiator SIM Pack

Radiator SIM support provides EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA and EAP-AKA' for Radiator. Radiator SIM support is available through the Radiator SIM Pack.

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Radiator Telco Pack

Radiator policy and charging support provides support for additional Diameter interfaces for Radiator. Radiator policy and charging support is available through the Radiator Telco Pack.

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Latest news

Radiator GBA/BSF Support module 1.2 released. - January 2016

Indra Sistemas joins OSC Authorised Agents. See Authorised Agents for the full Agent list - December 2015

Radiator 4.16 released. Includes two important security fixes described in OSC security advisory OSC-SEC-2015-02. Upgrade is strongly recommended - October 2015

Radiator Policy and Charging Support 1.10 released. PCRF and PCEF enhancements - August 2015

Radiator SIM support 1.44 released. Adds support for M3UA/SIGTRAN - April 2015

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Latest software updates

GBA/BSF: Version 1.2, VoLTE supplementary services - January 2016 All changes »

Radiator: Version 4.16, two important security fixes. Upgrade is strongly recommended - October 2015 All changes »

Sim Pack: Version 1.44, M3UA/SIGTRAN support - April 2015 All changes »

Telco Pack: Version 1.10, PCRF and PCEF updates, WiMAX-PPAQ support - August 2015 All changes »

RAdmin: Version 1.15, OATH support and GUI update - January 2015 All changes »