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Highly configurable on any platform - OSC's Radiator is known globally as 'The Swiss Army knife of AAA Servers for RADIUS, Diameter and TACACS+'.

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Radiator is the only choice in the industry when you need complex and flexible customization without impact on high speed performance.

Peter Cheng, Acom Networks

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Radiator SIM Pack

Radiator SIM support provides 3GPP AAA Server, EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA and EAP-AKA' for Radiator. Radiator SIM support is available through the Radiator SIM Pack.

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Radiator VNF

Radiator is now available as a NFV solution. Radiator VNF is a complete solution for virtualising and unifying your RADIUS and Diameter AAA infrastructure. Radiator VNF provides a unique and innovative combination of flexible AAA software and modern cloud technology for new and existing AAA infrastructures.

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Latest news

GBA/BSF 1.5.0 released. Major new features and bugfixes - August 2018

Radiator 4.21 released. Enhancements, bug fixes and some new features - June 2018

Radmin 1.16 released. One important security fix, bug fixes and other enhancements - May 2018

Policy and Charging Module 2.2 released. Online charging fixes and other enhancements - March 2018

SIM Support Module 2.3 released. SIGTRAN interoperability enhancements and minor fixes - January 2018

Carrier Module 1.4 released. Minor fixes - January 2018

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Latest software updates

GBA/BSF: Version 1.5.0, major new features and bufixes - August 2018 All changes »

Radiator: Version 4.21, enhancements, bug fixes and some new features - June 2018 All changes »

RAdmin: Version 1.16, One important security fix, other fixes and updates - May 2018 All changes »

Policy and Charging: Version 2.2, Online charging fixes and other enhancements - March 2018 All changes »

SIM support: Version 2.3, SIGTRAN enhancements, other fixes - January 2018 All changes »

Carrier: Version 1.4, minor fixes - January 2018 All changes »

Radar: Version 1.12, bugfixes and documentation updates - September 2016 All changes »